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I have published four books and dozens of articles & chapters, available below:



Articles and Chapters

“Preface,” Ecosustainable Narratives, ed. Antonella Riem (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, forthcoming).
“Durkheim’s Signature Project: The Science of Morality as Rational Moral Art,” The Oxford Handbook of Emile Durkheim, ed. Hans Joas and Andreas Pettenkofer (Oxford University Press, online: published in May 2020; print: forthcoming)
“Romantic Nature,” Cambridge Critical Concepts: Nature and Literary Studies, eds. Peter Remien and Scott Slovic (Cambridge University Press, 2022).
“Wordsworth’s Radical Aesthetics,” Philosophical Readings 12:3 (2020) 358-363.
“Du Bois and a Dark, Wild Hope for an Age of Environmental and Political Catastrophes,” European Journal of Literature, Culture and Environment  11:2 (2020): 216-224.
“Love, Risk, and the Journey Home,” Practical Matters (November 15, 2020):

Wordsworth: Second Nature and Democracy, 2019

Sacred Sites as a Threat to Environmental Justice? 2019

Radical Romanticism and its Alternative Account of the Wild and Wilderness, 2018 

Solidarity, Religion, and the Environment, 2017

The Consequences of Over-Extending, 2017

British Romanticism, Secularization, and the Political and Environmental Implications, 2015

Looking Back to See Forward: Romanticism, Religion, and the Secular in Modernity, 2015

The Culture of Sustainability, 2014

Radical Romanticism: Democracy, Religion, and the Environmental Imagination, 2014

Twin Gods, Twin Fears: Religion and Politics, 2012

Secularism and the Liberal Arts, 2011

Religion, Secularism, and Democratic Culture, 2010

Rousseau and Durkheim, 2010

Religion, Democracy, and Virtue: Emerson and the Journey’s End, 2009

The Discovery and Recovery of Time in History and Religion, 2009

The Role and Place of Religion in Democratic Society, 2009

The Place of Religion in the University and in American Public Life, 2008

Painting Landscapes of Religion in America, 2008

Suffering to Become Human: A Durkheimian Perspective, 2008

Stone-Throwers with Excellent Aim: Waking-up to an Environmental Democratic Vision, 2008

Religion in the Public Sphere, 2008

Minds on Fire: The University Teacher-Scholar, 2007

Solidarity, Religion, and the Global Environment, 2007

Modernity in Religion, 2006

In Search of Religious Studies, 2006

Education, Virtue, and Democracy in the Work of Emily Durkheim, 2006

In the Name of the Father, Son, and All their Ghosts, 2005

Beyond Solidarity? Durkheim and Twenty-First Century Democracy in a Global Age, 2005

To Lukachukai and Back: The Journey of Home, 2004

Critica sociale come arte e come scienza, 2002

The Threat of Globalization to Democracy and the Environment, 2001

The End of the Private Life: Rousseau, Redemption, and Tragedy, 2001

Rousseau and The Redemptive Mountain Village: The Way of Family, Work, Community, and Love, 2001

Rousseau and Durkheim on Human Nature, 2001

Emile Durkheim and Moral Education, 2001

Education, Virtue, and Democracy, 2001 (part of above link)

Individualism in Society, 2001 (part of above link)

Redeeming Love: Rousseau and Eighteenth Century Moral Philosophy, 2000

On the Importance of Owning Chickens: Lessons in Nature, Community, and Transformation, 2000

Critica sociale mortale, 1999

Moral Education in a Pluralistic Society, 1998

Lessons from the Garden: Rousseau’s Solitaires and the Limits of Liberalism, 1997

What Can We Hope for? Rousseau and Durkheim on Human Nature, 1996

Rousseau’s Soteriology: Deliverance at the Crossroads, 1996

Pickering, W. S. F. and Martins, H., Debating Durkheim, 1996

Durkheim and Women, in Philosophy of the Social Sciences, 1995

Isaiah Berlin’s Liberalism, in Philosophy of the Social Sciences, 1995

Special Report: The French Connection: CREA, MAUSS, and the Academic Study of Religion in the U. S. A., 1995

Education, Virtue, and Democracy, 1995

Tragedy and Theodicy: A Meditation on Rousseau and Moral Evil, 1995

Nonfoundationalism, 1995

Wittgenstein, Rawls, and Conservatism, 1994

Tensions in Social Theory: Groundwork for a Future Moral Sociology1994

Radical Pluralism and Truth: David Tracy and the Hermeneutics of Religion1993

Rousseau and Durkheim: The Relation between the Public and the Private, 1993

Theological Hermeneutics: Development and Significance1993

Durkheim’s Individual in Society: A Sacred Marriage? 1992

 The Ignorant Perfection of Ordinary People, 1992

Mild-Mannered Pragmatism and Religious Truth, 1992

Pragmatism: French and American Style, 1991

Provinces of Ethics, 1989-90