Dr. Mathiowitz directs an interdisciplinary laboratory that focuses on developing smart delivery systems based on bioadhesive polymers, which enhance the non- specific interaction with intestinal mucosa by inducing reversible secondary bonds and prolonging the residence time of traditional and novel oral dosage forms.

She has been a pioneer in the area of nanomedicine by developing spontaneously forming biodegradable nanoparticles that in contrast to traditional thinking that mucosal barrier will prevent those particles from even passing the mucosal tissue.  They can be engineered by combining hydrophobic polymers with high concentration of carboxylic acid, penetrate mucosal barriers and deliver active biologics. These nanoparticles are being used as cancer vaccines as well as for the oral delivery of peptides and proteins.  In addition, she has experience with polymers, vascular grafts and micro/nanoencapsulation. What characterizes her work is using a combination of basic scientific concepts in interfacial biophysics and applying them to improving health.

During her post doc, she submitted several patent applications with Dr. Robert Langer of which 20 patents were issued and have subsequently been licensed to many startup companies.  Her work at Enzytec generated four issued patents that formed the basis for the Prolease delivery system and injectable proteins such as growth hormones.

Dr. Mathiowitz’s laboratory serves as a focal point for many inventions and as an incubator for several start-up companies. Some have licensed her technologies. Technologies she has developed have formed the foundation for the launch of four biotechnology companies, two of which Dr. Mathiowitz is a Founder:  Spherics, Inc. – Founder; Perosphere, Inc. – Co-Founder.  Dr. Mathiowitz was the Editor of The Encyclopedia of Controlled Drug Delivery Systems (1999) and serves as an editorial board member for several journals. In 2005, she was co-Chair of the Controlled Release Society, an international society dealing with drug delivery. To date, Dr. Mathiowitz has authored 120 publications, over 75 patents, and an edited book on bioadhesion; her work has been published in over 120 conference proceedings and abstracts. At Brown University, her work has generated about 56 patent applications and 40 issued patents, two of which were the basis for start-up companies.