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Nassar MR, Waltz JA, Albrecht MA, Gold JM, Frank MJ. All or nothing belief updating in patients with schizophrenia reduces precision and flexibility of beliefs. (2021) Brain:

Code + Data

Nassar MR, Scott D, Bhandari A. Noise correlations for faster and more robust learning (2020) bioRxiv:

supplementary material

*Jang A, *Nassar M, Dillon D, Frank M. Positive reward prediction errors during decision-making strengthen memory encoding (2019), Nature Human Behaviour:

Code + Data

Nassar M, Bruckner R, Frank MJ. Statistical context dictates the relationship between feedback-related EEG signals and learning (2019), eLife:

Code  ,  Data

Nassar M, Wilson B, Heasly B, Gold JI. An approximately Bayesian delta-rule model explains the dynamics of belief updating in a changing environment. (2010), Journal of Neuroscience:

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