Public resources (code/data):

Kobayashi, K., Lee, S., Filipowicz, A. L. S., McGaughey, K. D., Kable, J. W. & Nassar, M. R. Dynamic representation of the subjective value of information. (2021) Journal of Neuroscience,

Code + Behavioral Data

Neuroimaging data

Nassar MR, Waltz JA, Albrecht MA, Gold JM, Frank MJ. All or nothing belief updating in patients with schizophrenia reduces precision and flexibility of beliefs. (2021) Brain:

Code + Data

Nassar MR, Scott D, Bhandari A. Noise correlations for faster and more robust learning (2020) bioRxiv:

Code & Supplementary Material

Nassar MR, Troiani V. The stability flexibility tradeoff and the dark side of detail (2020) Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience.

Code + Data

*Jang A, *Nassar M, Dillon D, Frank M. Positive reward prediction errors during decision-making strengthen memory encoding (2019), Nature Human Behaviour:

Code + Data

Nassar M, Bruckner R, Frank MJ. Statistical context dictates the relationship between feedback-related EEG signals and learning (2019), eLife:

Code  ,  Data

Nassar M, Wilson B, Heasly B, Gold JI. An approximately Bayesian delta-rule model explains the dynamics of belief updating in a changing environment. (2010), Journal of Neuroscience:

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