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The Fractional PDEs Club, part of the CRUNCH group at Brown University, aims to formulate robust and efficient methods for deterministic and stochastic fractional PDEs (FPDEs) under the supervision of Prof. George Em Karniadakis. This is done through the development of a variety of numerical methods such as finite-difference methods, spectral methods, spectral element methods, and discontinuous Galerkin (DG) methods. We host the FPDEs Club meeting to provide opportunities for enhanced exchanges of ideas and cooperation among the FPDEs community, inside and outside of the FPDEs club. Our Wiki page offers details related to our club meetings in addition to links to books, conferences, and courses that the FPDEs club members find interesting and useful for our research topics.

FDA Express

The FDA Express is a biweekly newsletter centering on fractional derivative and its applications and involving fractals and power law phenomena. And it is sent to your registered email address on 15th and 30th of each month. Its topics include opening issues and discussions, recent advances, journal contents, new books, conferences, opening jobs, and so on. You are warmly welcome to subscribe to this newsletter by simply clicking here. We also invite you to contribute news and digests in the scope of the FDA, and your active participation and contribution will help grow our community in a great way. This Express is currently maintained by the volunteers from the Institute of Soft Matter Mechanics.


This website is developed by a research group interested in modelling processes in applied sciences (physics, engineering, finance, biology, …) via mathematical methods based on fractional calculus. The name fracalmo originates from fractional calculus modelling.