Welcome and Congratulations!

To Our Seniors:

My first year at Brown was your last and I know that this was neither the start nor the end that you or I expected. But as I was getting my feet on the ground at Brown, hearing your plans for your marvelous Capstone and Honors projects were my first window into what our students do in our department. And what amazing undertakings! Original albums that you recorded and mixed yourselves, dazzling orchestral works, sound collages, ethnographies, instruments and interfaces, installations, explorations of plastic instruments, and whole musicals. The best way to express my admiration is to say this: you make me wish I were an undergraduate in this department.

I also know that many of your projects had to be re-imagined—sometimes radically—after we moved to remote teaching and learning. Some of you were separated from your instruments, studios became inaccessible, and final performances were cancelled. I applaud your perseverance in the face of these challenges, while sharing your sadness over this melancholy conclusion. But I am delighted we can celebrate your accomplishments here and urge anyone exploring this website to take the time to read, listen, and to watch all the wonderful things our students have done. In the midst of all that is difficult, there are so many bright lights here.

Congratulations to you and warmest wishes for all your future endeavours. Please stay in touch!

Emily I. Dolan
Department Chair