Introduction to Radio Interferometry

Peter Sims and I have created an Introduction to Radio Interferometry mini-course. There are five videos, each ~10 minutes long, each with an accompanying exercise. We hope that this will make a good first day activity for new research students. Please reach out and share any feedback you may have!

A playlist for accessing the five videos can be found here. Instructions for accessing the exercises can be found here.

These videos and exercises were created with the support of NSF Award #1907777.

Electricity and Magnetism

I have created a series of videos to accompany an algebra-based course on Electricity & Magnetism, following the second half of textbook “College Physics” by Freedman et al. (published by Macmillan).  Because the material is closely tied to the textbook, I’ve avoided posting the videos publicly (just in case there are copyright issues).  I would be happy to share them with anyone interested, however, so please reach out if you’d like to see them.