Project STARS

★ Supporting Trans Affirmation, Relationships & Sex

Project STARS is a research study to develop and test a gender-affirming, peer counseling program for transgender women and transfeminine people.

Participation involves meeting one-on-one with a trans woman or transfeminine peer counselor for 4 sessions.

We have completed enrollment for Summer 2023.

A vector illustration of two brown trans women/transfeminine people holding up a trans flag.

Study PI: Shufang Sun, PhD
IRB Protocol Number: 2002002648
Brown University School of Public Health
Funded by the National Institute for Health


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 (401) 863-2746


University of Akron, Department of Psychology
Emory University, Rollins School of Public Health

Project STARS (Supporting Trans Affirmation, Relationships & Sex)

Mindfulness for Health Equity Lab (mHEAL)
Brown University, School of Public Health