Northeast Metagenomics Symposium 2019

Jan 16th and 17th  –  In partnership with RI-INBRE and local IDeA centers the RI Microbiome Consortium will hold the Northeast Metagenomics Symposium 2020. The goal of the two-day symposium is to showcase local research in the field of microbiome analysis and to promote state of the art metagenomics approaches and capacity. Th sypmosium will feature two convfirmed keynote speakers; Dr, Sarah Hird, UConn and Dr. Tami Lieberman, MIT.

More information and schedule to follow soon. Please contact or for more information.

Brown Pathobiology Seminars

Each spring the Pathobiology program at Brown holds weekly seminars. Seminars are held every Thursday at 12:00 pm in Sidney Frank Hall for Life Sciences Room 220 (Marcuvitz Auditorium). Many of the speakers are interesting to the microbiome community and are listed below, a complete list of speakers can be found here. Microbiome related speakers are listed below.

February 28 – Federico E. Rey, Ph.D. Assistant Professor University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Bacteriology

March 7 – Janelle S. Ayres, Ph.D. Associate Professor Salk Institute for Biological Studies Nomis Center for Immunobiology & Microbial Pathogenesis

April 25 – Eric P. Skaar, Ph.D., M.P.H. Professor, Vanderbilt University Director, Institute for Infection, Immunology &