Mark Ainsworth

Professor of Applied Mathematics
Interests: High performance computing, numerical approximation of partial differential equations, wave propagation, hierarchical and multiscale modelling

Johnny Guzman

Professor of Applied Mathematics
Interests:   Numerical analysis of PDEs, scientific computing, discontinuous Galerkin methods, conservation laws

Brendan Keith

Prager Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics
Interests:   Finite Element Analysis, Scientific Machine Learning, PDE-Constrained Optimization and Uncertainty Quantification

Chi-Wang Shu

Theodore B. Stowell University Professor of Applied Mathematics and Director of Graduate Studies
Interests:  Numerical solutions of conservation laws and convection dominated problems using finite difference essentially non-oscillatory (ENO) methods and weighted ENO (WENO) methods, computational fluid dynamics

Jerome Darbon

Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics
Interests: Combinatorial optimization, network flows and graph-based algorithms, stochastic sampling algorithms, geomorphology, remote sensing, biological, medical, historial, radar and inverse problems in imagining sciences

George Em Karniadakis

Charles Pitts Robinson and John Palmer Barstow Professor of Applied Mathematics
Interests:  Numerical stochastic PDEs, multiscale algorithms, computational biology

Martin Maxey

Professor Emeritus of Applied Mathematics
Interests:  Shear flows of viscous suspensions, turbulent flows, self-assembled structures using magnetic or electrical fields, active suspensions of micro-swimmers and bacteria