A public health network by states, for states

The STAT Network is building a more resilient U.S. public health system that rises to meet the challenges of the day.

Our Mission

The STAT Network strengthens the U.S. public health system by serving as an indispensable coordination point for state public health leaders.

What we are

We are a peer learning network of over 500 state leaders in 52 states and territories who come together virtually to problem-solve, share best practices, and support one another. We are often joined by academic experts and key federal officials for frank, operations-focused conversations. Established during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic and managed by the Brown University School of Public Health, STAT today drives  non-partisan collaboration on a range of pressing public health challenges that is informed  by evidence as well as a robust understanding of practical, political and societal realities in each state. → See OUR HISTORY for more on how we got here


“STAT provides a critical opportunity to elevate what’s top of mind around COVID-19 response efforts in Washington and how it aligns with the strategy and efforts across the country. I find this network, even three years after its launch, to be incredibly prescient to the work that we continue to do.”

Heather Drummond

COVID-19 Vaccine Director, Washington State Department of Health

“The STAT network has been incredibly helpful in our strategic decision-making, justification of policies we’ve made to [Louisiana Department of Health] Leadership, and generally kept us much more sane in this very insane time.”

Program Manager

COVID-19 Statewide Testing Team, Louisiana Department of Health

“STAT has been an amazing clearinghouse and place to share experiences over the course of the pandemic. Lots of interactions and relationships have been born here that likely would not have occurred outside of this context. Our responses have been better by working together. Certainly, I have benefited and learned much.”

Alex Lazar

Professor of Pathology & Genomic Medicine, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

“The network supported that my work mattered in a state that was largely against or even hostile to it. This network is a refuge of trust, encouragement. I benefited from so many of others’ experiences. I’m also proud that I could reach so many with HEPA air purification and that I could share my successes with others.”

STAT member

“The engagement and collaboration of the STAT partnership has been a key part of the success of the Biden Administration’s COVID-19 response efforts. The front-line insights from state and local testing leads have been critical for the coordination of federal, state, and local efforts around COVID-19 testing and therapeutics. STAT serves as an important model for ongoing rapid communication and collaboration among federal, state, and local public health officials.”

Tom Tsai

Former White House COVID Testing and Treatment Coordinator

“Building a network of states is key to sharing ideas and supporting each other. By coming together, states can gather best practices, identify what is and isn’t working for different communities, and help each other work through challenges.”

Dr. Lisa Barrios

Senior Advisor for School Preparedness, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Who we are

Our team brings their expertise in public health and government leadership to mobilize the STAT Network.

What we do

We bring public health leaders together to strengthen public health systems and scale effective innovations.