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The Environmental Storytelling Studio (TESS) is an initiative that helps academics marry scholarship with storytelling in order for their work to reach a broad audience. Currently, we have three initiatives:


Hosted by The Institute at Brown for Environment and Society, this course helps academics new to writing for a broad audience. Part skills workshop, part immersion in the genre of literary storytelling, and part introduction to trade publishing, the goal of the course is to diversify the stories we draw on to understand our environments, from who tells them to who reads them. APPLICATIONS and DETAILS FOR THE 2024 COURSE WILL BE OPEN SOON.


Co-founders Bathsheba Demuth and Kerri Arsenault guest-edit essays in partnership with Emergence magazine, with the goal of identifying and assisting  environmental storytellers find a published home for their work.

THE CLUB (forthcoming)

Together with Providence bookshop Twenty Stories, TESS hosts a bi-monthly book club featuring authors whose works exemplify a blending of deep research and compelling story.


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