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Month: October 2019

Learning From Immigrant Youth: Language Brokering

When: Friday, October 25, 2019

Where: Friedman Hall 208

Time: 5pm

Migration@Brown invites you to our second interdisciplinary conversation on migration research in theory and practice with Marjorie Orellana.

In this talk, Professor Orellana will provide an overview of research on immigrant youth language brokering over the last two decades, considering how understanding of the phenomenon has grown, and what we know about the competencies that youth both develop and display through this work.

Given the current sociopolitical context of growing xenophobia and cultural polarization:
What might we all learn from immigrant youth? How might we better leverage and support these skills in schools?

I Stand With Immigrants Day of Action 2019

When: Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Where: Main Green

Time: 1:30-3:30pm

Calling all members of the community – Join us on October 22nd for the FOURTH ANNUAL #IStandWithImmigrants Day of Action! Over 170 colleges & universities are participating in this national campaign.

-Take a photo with one of our signs and post it on social media with the hashtags #IAmAnImmigrant or #IStandWithImmigrants
-Reflect on your immigrant experience, or tell us how you support the immigrant community!
-Enter the raffle to win a FREE T-shirt
-Express interest in the university developing a Migration Studies concentration
-Help us “abolish” ICE!

-Call Congress & tell them to protect DACA recipients (fwd.us/action/call-for-dreamers)
-Tell Congress to protect legal avenues for ALL immigrants (fwd.us/immigration/legal-avenues)
-Tell Congress to create a pathway to citizenship for our 11 million undocumented immigrants
-Donate to AMOR Legal Defense Fund

Join us for music, community, and more!

Ward’s Berry Farm Outing

When: Sunday, October 19, 2019

Where: Ward’s Berry Farm

Time: 1-4pm

Join the U-FLi Center & First-Gens@Brown in our trip to Ward’s Berry Farm (located at 614 South Main Street, Sharon, MA) on Saturday October 19th for a fun day of traversing a corn maze, hayrides, and other fun activities!

We will be bussing students from Faunce Arch at 1 pm, and returning to Faunce Arch by 4 pm. Costs for the transportation, the hayride, and maze will be covered by the U-FLi Center, but feel free to bring some extra money to partake in other activities on the farm. This event is limited to the first 30 students, and any submissions after the first 30 will be placed on a waitlist.

We are so excited to go on this adventure with you all!

This link will take you to Ward’s Berry Farm’s webpage, where you can find a full list of activities on the farm: https://www.wardsberryfarm.com/

Re/membering: Central American Migration to the U.S.

When: Thursday, October 10, 2019

Where: Alumnae Hall, Crystal Room

Time: 5pm

Migration@Brown invites you to our first interdisciplinary conversation on migration research in theory and practice with Susan Bibler Coutin, Professor of Criminology, Law and Society, and Anthropology, University of California—Irvine.

The recent arrivals of Central Americans seeking to enter the United States have been construed as an immigration issue. What if these arrivals were instead understood as bearing histories of violence in which the United States is implicated?

To explore this question, this talk draws on the authors’ engaged fieldwork with Central American immigrants and their allies from the 1980s to the present. It suggests that current conditions forcing Central Americans to the United States are deeply rooted in past political, economic and legal violence. In particular, exclusionary policies have displaced individuals, families, and communities, who in turn have become enclosed within national or other spaces. Sanctuaries and caravans have emerged as a means of challenging spatial necropolitics.

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