Peter Belenky

Assistant Professor 

Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

Founder of the RI Microbiome Consortium

Phone: (401) 863-5954


CV: last updated 5.23.18

Chapman Beekman – Post-Doc

Ben Korry – 6th year

Jenna Wurster – 6th year

Swathi Penumutchu – 5th year

Rachael Nilson – 4th year

Rachel Peterson – Research Assistant

When we aren’t elbows deep in petri dishes and coding, you may find us in the kitchen or the woods. Our favorite activities include baking, yearly boating and hiking trips, and holiday exchanges.

They tasted as good as they look

Plus, we are not planning on going out of business anytime soon.

Holiday party: notable appearances from children’s songs, fermented foods, and splashes of wine

Winter Wonderland (cake pop edition)


Lemon Strawberry – pink

Dulce de Leche – white

Coconut – white

Red Velvet Oreo – green

Quite an Oar Deal

But we made it shore to shore just fine.

In the mountains of New Hampshire

Note to self: An NSF does not help you climb trees.

Claire Brown – Senior

Past Undergraduates

Timothy Jeng                      2015

Colby Norris                         2017

Emma Caviness                  2017

Swathi Penumutchu           2017

Naveen Balakrishnan         2018

Melanie Ortiz                       2018

Michelle Zabat                    2018

Joshaya Trotman                2018

Subhanik Purkayastha       2018

Stella Lee                             2019

Lauren Heinzinger              2020

Angus Johnson                   2020

Amit Chakrabarti                 2021

Ashley Choi                          2021

Emma Diamond                   2021

Rinnie Hewlet                       2021

Past Graduate Students

Aislinn Rowan-Nash              2019

Damien Cabral                        2019

Past Post Docs

Katherine Antosca                  2021

Past Research Assistants

Ellie Reinhart                   2020

Will Sano                          2018

Ben Korry                         2016