Contemporary MRI research is multidisciplinary, drawing on basic science principles of the brain sciences, statistics, and computer science. The Clinical Neuroimaging Research Core’s mission is to make MRI research more accessible to clinical researchers investigating cognitive, affective, and psychiatric disorders and treatments.

CNRC provides consulting, methodological, and analytic support for DPHB faculty and trainees engaged in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) research. We offer consultation support for classic univariate fMRI “activation” designs, anatomical and functional connectivity, diffusion imaging, as well as more advanced computational approaches. CNRC’s educational offerings include small-group workshops in applied methodology for researchers of all levels and faculty-level working groups. CNRC faculty also serve as project co-investigators providing content expertise and mentorship for K award candidates and awardees. We work closely with Brown University’s extended neuroimaging community including the COBRE Center for Nervous System Function at Brown’s Carney Institute, the COBRE Center for Neuromodulation at Butler Hospital, and the Center for Neurorestoration and Neurotechnology at Providence VA Medical Center. CNRC can help connect investigators with the resources of this broader, integrated network.