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These tutorials created by core staff describe how to implement different neuroimaging platforms and analysis pipelines on OSCAR, Brown’s supercomputer cluster. These are living documents! If something is out of date, or you find a more efficient way to do the job, let us know. We’d love to share your knowledge with the broader DPHB imaging community, and of course, credit your contributions!


Introduction to functional neuroimaging

MRI Fundamentals

fMRI Analysis Software

Shell basics and using Brown’s high performance computing cluster

Shell Basics

Introduction to CCV and Oscar

Oscar Accounts


Organizing and naming your data according to the Brain Imaging Data Standard

Introducing BIDS-Part I

Introducing BIDS-Part II


BIDS Validation

Quality control

MRIQC – Part 1: Intro and How to Run

MRIQC – Part 2: IQMs

MRIQC – Part 3: Artifacts

MRIQC – Part 4: Interpreting Results



Preprocessing with fMRIPrep

Diffusion Preprocessing

Spectroscopy Data Collection & Preprocessing with Osprey