Diversity & Inclusion

Our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

We are strongly committed to empowering the next generation of leaders in science and engineering and demonstrate this through thoughtful action.  We pledge to:

  • Embrace diversity of thought, culture and background;
  • Educate ourselves on racism and other issues of bias in our community, in science, in academia, and beyond:
  • Recruit all individuals, especially welcoming those from underrepresented racial minorities, individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+, and those from underrepresented backgrounds (such as first generation or low income) in order to broaden representation in STEM and improve science by correcting historical disparities in opportunity;
  • Provide individualized, compassionate mentoring and ample learning opportunities;
  • Foster an environment that promotes and rewards asking questions, respecting answers and embracing different perspectives about science and our community;
  • Provide a safe research environment by creating and maintaining a culture of support and inclusion, and to celebrate and leverage our differences to improve our science and our world.

We are engaged in our broader community through multiple outreach activities for K-12, undergraduate & graduate research and professional development, and public education.  


K-5 Hands-On Learning

We have partnered with The Lincoln School, Providence, an all-girls K-12 school, to develop and implement in-class activities on skeletal and cardiac muscles (1st grade), the circulatory system (3rd grade), and stem cells & their environment (5th grade).

K-12 Outreach to Underrepresented Groups

We actively participate in Brown-organized science conferences and local workshops (on campus and off) aimed at engaging and exciting our local youth from groups underrepresented in STEM through interactive lessons for learning something fun about our research.

Undergraduate Research and Mentoring

PI, undergraduate, and graduate student at poster

We mentor undergraduates in independent summer research projects through multiple programs, including the Leadership Alliance, Brown’s partnership with Tougaloo College, and Brown’s Undergraduate Teaching and Research Awards (UTRAs).  

Graduate Student & Postdoc Mentoring

graduate student and PI in lab

Not only does Dr. Coulombe recruit a diverse group of graduate students & postdocs to her group, but she also volunteers to serve on panels to advise trainees on professional development issues like applying for fellowships and negotiating a job offer; teaches a module on “Demystifying the PhD” with leaders of the NIH-funded Initiative to Maximize Student Development grant to serve underrepresented groups on campus; and serves as the Director of Graduate Study for Biomedical Engineering.  

Public Outreach

We aim to inspire and educate our community through forums that promote a love of learning towards science and engineering, awareness of current biomedical engineering advances, and personal heart health.