Research Clubs

DPD Club

Mission:   The mission of the DPD Club is to discuss the theory, computation and application of dissipative particle dynamics.

Membership:  Xian Bian, Ansel Blumers, Hung-Yu Chang, He Li, Xuejin Li, Zhen Li, Lu Lu, Yu-Hang Tang, Alireza Yazdani.

Fractional PDEs Club

Mission:  The Fractional PDEs Club at CRUNCH group aims to formulate robust and efficient methods for deterministic and stochastic fractional PDEs (FPDEs) under the supervision of Prof. George Em Karniadakis. This is done through the development of a variety of numerical methods such as finite-difference methods, spectral methods, spectral element methods, and discontinuous Galerkin (DG) methods. We host the FPDEs Club meeting to provide opportunities for enhanced exchanges of ideas and cooperation among the FPDEs community, inside and outside of the FPDEs club.

Membership:  Prof. Mark AinsworthWei CaiProf. Wanrong CaoFangying SongProf. Mohsen ZayernouriFanhai ZengProf. Zhongqiang (Handy) ZhangXuan ZhaoMengdi ZhengAnna LischkeJorge SuzukiDongkun ZhangSupervisor, Prof. George Em Karniadakis