Morgane Konig

postdoctoral fellow at MIT and Dartmouth College


Dr. K├ľNIG completed her PhD in theoretical physics at the University of California, making me the 9th black women to ever complete a PhD in theoretical physics in the USA, and the first black student to get a PhD in physics at UC Davis.

Born and raised in Paris, she studied the piano, classical music theory and ballet for 10 years at the conservatoire du 5eme arrondissement in Paris. She still does ballet regularly. Recently Dr. Konig got her open water scuba diving certification as well.

Her work focuses on Particle Physics, Cosmology and Theories of Gravity and the study of the universe as a whole, from the era of inflation until today. During my PhD, I worked with Professor Nemanja Kaloper at the University of California, Davis.

You can find some of her work here.