Please review the COVID disclaimer and institutional guidelines from Brown University and follow guidelines for limited-duration visitors (three days or less).

Proposed Schedule for CUWiP, Jan 20-22, 2023
All Start & End Times in the Schedule are Eastern Time, US

Note that all speakers and activities are to be confirmed.

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Friday, Jan. 20, 2023 – Day 1

Start timeEnd timeActivityLocation
13:0017:00Check-inBH Lobby
13:0017:00Lab Tours (Optional)BH Lobby
17:0017:30Opening Remarks – Prof Vesna Mitrovic
Welcome by University Representative – Janet Blume
ERC Lobby
17:3019:00Ice Breaker, and social networking activitiesERC Lobby
18:0019:30Buffet DinnerERC Lobby
19:3020:30Student Panel Discussion: “Lives that Speak  –  Stories of Women in Physics”BH 166

Saturday, Jan. 21, 2023 – Day 2

Start timeEnd timeActivityLocation
7:008:20BreakfastERC Lobby
8:208:45Welcome by LOC and Department Chair – Prof Vesna Mitrovic
Welcome by University Representatives – Janet Blume and Jill Pipher
Welcome by APS Representative – Prof. Shubha Tewari
BH 166
8:459:30Plenary I: Exploring the High Energy Frontier: My Path to Physics with the World’s Largest Science Experiment Prof. Toyoko Orimoto BH 166
9:3010:30Panel Discussion: “Lives that Speak – Stories of Women in Physics”BH 166
10:4011:15Coffee BreakERC Lobby
11:1512:00Workshop Parallel Session I Please see Workshops
12:0012:15Transition time (walk to group photo site)
12:1512:30Group PhotoERC Lobby
12:3014:00LunchERC Lobby
14:0015:30APS Keynote speaker (simulcast to all CUWiP sites) – Prof. Nadya MasonBH 166
15:3016:00Coffee BreakERC Lobby
16:0017:00Poster and Networking SessionBH Lobby
17:0017:45Workshop Parallel Session II Please see Workshops
17:4517:55Transition time
17:5518:40Plenary II: Quantum Entanglement: Balancing physics and life – Prof. Nandini TrivediBH 166
18:4018:45Transition time
18:4520:00DinnerERC Lobby
20:0021:30Community NightERC Lobby

Sunday, Jan. 22, 2022 – Day 3

Start timeEnd timeActivityLocation
7:008:30BreakfastERC Lobby
8:309:15Plenary III: Acoustic Simulations of Quantum Materials, Teamwork and CommunicationProf. Jenny HoffmanBH 166
9:159:30STEP-UP program by APS – Michael Wadness and  Shubha Tewari BH 166
9:3010:15Parallel Talks – Student Research Flash talksBH 158 , BH 168, BH 169, & ERC 125
10:1511:00Coffee BreakERC Lobby
11:0011:45Workshop Parallel Session III Please see Workshops
11:4512:00Transition time
12:0014:00LunchERC Lobby
12:0014:00Career Fair (Grad School and Industry Reps)ERC Lobby
14:0015:00Closing Remarks and Poster Session Awards – Prof Vesna Mitrovic, Janet Blume and Jill PipherBH 166