About the Lab

Welcome to the Laboratory for Emerging Technologies at Brown University! The LET seeks to understand how novel discoveries in quantum condensed matter, nanoscale physics, nonlinear optics, and quantum biology can be harnessed to develop leading-edge technologies.

We use a wide array of experimental, numerical, and theoretical techniques – ranging from electron microscopy, finite-element simulations, and analytic methods from quantum nonequilibrium thermodynamics and quantum gravity – to discover and engineer unconventional phenomena, and use them to develop novel devices for industrial and commercial application. The lab is led by Prof. Jimmy Xu, the Charles C. Tillinghast Jr. 1932 University Professor of Engineering and Physics.

We are always interested in applications from highly motivated and capable PhD students and postdoctoral researchers.  However, the lab is currently in close collaboration with government labs which have become sensitive to citizenships.  Exceptions could be made to top candidates, especially at the postdoctoral level.