Principal Investigator

Jimmy (J. M.) Xu

Postdoctoral Researchers

Peter Moroshkin

Graduate Students

Akshay Nagar
Seokkee Min
Joseph Plumitallo
Karpur Shukla

Undergraduate Students

Smita Rajan
Nop Toemtrisna
Derick Toth


We are most proud of the accomplishments of former members of the lab.

Twenty-two of them have won twenty-four international, national, and university prizes and awards for accomplishments in their thesis researches. These awards include two NSERC Doctoral Thesis Medals in Engineering (an award for the best Doctoral thesis in engineering given annually to one Ph.D thesis across all fields of engineering studies in Canada; one in 1994 for the development of a wavelength-selective optical routing technology of the broadest tuning range and the best linearity; and one in 1999 for advancing the theory of a new class of semiconductor lasers – lateral injection lasers), the Laser Electro-Optics Society (LEOS) 1994 Best Student Paper award (for finding the origins of and solutions to the high-power 980nm pump laser beam instability problem), the co-recipient of the 1996 Nortel CEO Innovation Prize (for the development of a monitoring and control method for laser wavelength control), two 1997 CATA prizes (one for telecom hardware advances and one for understanding lasing mechanisms), two Brown University Ionata Awards for the Most Creative Thesis in Engineering of the year (one in 2000 for the study of metallized DNA electron transport, one in 2004 for the development of a lateral linear array of nanotubes), and in 2006 the inaugural Best Ph.D Thesis in Engineering at Brown University (for demonstrating the feasibility of lasing in silicon), and several Sigma Xi outstanding graduate student awards etc.

Many former members of his lab are now leading professionals in industry and academia. Sixteen of them currently hold professorships, seven of which are chaired professorships, in Canada, USA, Japan, and Iran.