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Mohanty, P., Shenoy, J., Rizuan, A., Mercado-Ortiz, J.F., Fawzi, N.L., and Mittal, J. A synergy between site-specific and transient interactions drives the phase separation of a disordered, low-complexity domain. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120 (2023): e2305625120. 


Viola, M.G., Perdikari, T.M., Trebino, C.E., Rahmani, N., Mathews, K.L., Pena, C.M., Chua, X.Y., Xuan, B., LaBreck, C.J., Fawzi, N.L., et al. An enhancer sequence in the intrinsically disordered region of FtsZ promotes polymer-guided substrate processing by ClpXP protease. Protein Science 31 (2022): e4306. 


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