Recent and current funded projects

Functional and pathological interactions of TDP-43

R01NS116176 (NINDS and NIA – MPI grant with Jeetain Mittal, TAMU)


Structural aspects of glutamine-rich domain liquid-liquid phase separation in transcription and RNA processing

NSF CAREER: 1845734


Residue-by-residue details of FUS protein phase separation and aggregation


Structure and Post-Translational Modifications of Candida Transcription Factors and their Impact on Phase Separation

2021 Brown Research Seed Award


Current Fellowships

NSF Graduate Research Fellow & Brown Presidential Fellow
Helen Danielson

Pharmacology Pre-doctoral Fellow
Renjith Viswanathan

Milton Safenowitz Postdoctoral Fellowship (ALS association)
Jayakrishna Shenoy

Judith and Jean Pape Adams Postdoctoral Award
Tongyin Zheng