The Team

Meet the members of the lab


Alexander Fleischmann

Principal Investigator

Following my postdoctoral training at Columbia University in New York, I started a lab at the College de France in Paris. The lab moved to Brown University in 2018. I am interested in understanding neural circuit functions for sensory perception and behavior and how neurodegenerative disorders alter brain functions. I am excited about collaborative, interdisciplinary research, my goal is to generate a diverse and inclusive research environment in which everyone can pursue exciting, innovative research projects.

Keywords: neural circuits and behavior, interdisciplinary brain research, music, travel, family

Sara Zepilli

Graduate Student

My name is Sara, Ph.D candidate in Neuroscience. I use single-nucleus dual-omics sequencing (RNA and ATAC), cleared whole-brain experiments and imaging, and computational approaches as a multi-modal, inter and intra-species, mammalian paleocortex-centered approach to uncover candidate genetic programs underlying evolutionarily conserved neural circuits and cell types.

Keywords: Spaghetti with good clams, Cortical circuit evolution, Basketball, Single-nucleus omics sequencing, Aperitivo

Shaun Kohli


My name is Shaun and I’m an Undergraduate at Brown studying Applied Mathematics Biology. My research interests are in the use of computational tools to infer underlying neural circuitry from high-dimensional neural data.

Keywords: Unsupervised Learning, Dimensionality Reduction, Computation

Zach Levin


I am interested in using both experimental and data science tools to understand how olfactory cues modulate behavior. In addition, I am interested in studying neurodegenerative diseases, currently Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH), and how research can translate into clinical innovation. I am developing computational techniques for both of these areas and my current goal is to develop a machine learning tool to predict NPH diagnosis and surgery success.

Keywords: Behavior, Neurodegeneration, Machine Learning

Max Seppo

Graduate Student

I am a Ph.D candidate in Neuroscience interested in how behavior impacts sensory processing. I study this question in the olfactory system by imaging piriform cortex in awake, behaving mice while monitoring ongoing behavior.

Keywords: Olfaction, Imaging


Olivia McKissick

Graduate Student

I am a PhD candidate in Neuroscience studying the neural coding of sensory-spatial associations. I’m developing a novel behavioral paradigm to image neural activity in freely-moving mice. My goal is to identify activity supporting these behaviors in the lateral entorhinal cortex. 

Keywords: Freely-moving behavior, Calcium imaging, association learning and recall, chanelrhodopsin

Diego Rodriguez Langevin


I am interested in the molecular mechanisms of olfactory learning and memory. I use spatial transcriptomics, Fos transgenic mice and immunohistochemistry to understand spatial patterns in gene expression and functional structure pertaining to olfactory memory formation. I am motivated by the political impact fundamental neuroscience research can have on the way we understand the human condition and how non-western perspectives can inform the development of the field. 

Keywords: learning and memory, molecular, neurogenetics, spatial transcriptomics, c-Fos, politics, non-western

Andrea Pierré

Research Software Engineer

Simon Daste

graduate student

Andrew Aoun


Keeley Baker

Post Doc


Yun Yoo



Robin Attey

Research Assistant

Eseosa Uwaifo



Erin Meyers

Lab Manager


Lab Alumni

Mehdi Boudjadja, master student (College de France, Paris)

Justine Boursier, master student (College de France, Paris)

Adeline Boyreau, research assistant (College de France, Paris)

Assunta Diodato, postdoc (College de France, Paris)

Gregoire Haouy, master student (College de France, Paris)

Alkim Kara, undergraduate researcher (Brown University)

Nell Klimpert, research assistant (Brown University)

Claire Meissner-Bernard, graduate student (College de France, Paris)

Wilson Mena, postdoc (College de France, Paris)

Shahab Rezaei-Mazinani, postdoc (College de France, Paris)

Benjamin Roland, graduate student (College de France, Paris)

Marion Ruinart de Brimont, research assistant (College de France, Paris)

Ines Vieira, graduate student (College de France, Paris)

Claire Zhang, master student (College de France, Paris)