The application for the Spring 2024 Cohort 10 is closed!


Admissions and schedule information for Spring 2024 Cohort!

Thank you for your interest in applying to the Leadership Development Program of New England! Below you will find information regarding application requirements, tentative schedules, safety requirements, tuition, continuing education, and application interviews. The application deadline is 3/15/2024.

The Leadership Development Program Team is dedicated to your health and safety. Currently, the LDP Cohort 10 is scheduled as a hybrid model program with face-to-face and virtual meetings. All face-to-face sessions are set to take place in Concord, NH. Our team is constantly evaluating public health policies and guidance from the CDC, the New England region, and our internal organizations. In the event we are no longer able to conduct face-to-face meetings due to safety concerns, at any point before or during the program, we will conduct all meetings in a virtual format and tuition costs will be reevaluated accordingly.

Applications Requirements

Applying to the Leadership Development Program of New England is free. Applications to the 10th Cohort beginning in April of 2024 will open and be available online soon. We strongly encourage you to submit the application form as early as possible and to allow time for the supplemental supervisor recommendation form to be received by the application deadline.

The LDP is for emerging leaders from the addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery profession in New England as well as behavioral health, criminal justice, and other healthcare professionals. Criteria that define an emerging leader for this program include:
  • Current (or previous) work experience in a supervisory or managerial capacity or role; this experience need not be exclusively in the addiction profession. Applicants without prior supervisory experience may be considered if they demonstrate exceptional qualities and potential for leadership roles.
  • Operational management skills that include employee supervision, goal setting, budgeting, and/or managing financial resources.
  • Have been identified as possessing exceptional leadership potential by others within the profession.

Additional application requirements include:

  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae
  • Education to include some formal training in managerial or supervisory skills.
  • Work experience must include a minimum of 2-5 years directly supervising others.
  • Contact information for a supervisor or mentor who knows you and can verify your work and your participation in the program

Program Schedule (Cohort 10)

Participants are expected to be present and actively participate in all learning sessions. The Leadership Development Program is an intensive and interactive program, with full 8:30 am – 4:30 pm meeting days and half days. Times will vary by each session and module. Please consider this schedule, in addition to your location, if you are within a reasonable commuting distance as you make decisions about commuting.

 Module 1, April 29 – 30 F2F at NH Audubon, Concord, NH – Welcome, Individual conflict and leadership styles, and cultural intelligence
 Module 2, May 9 Virtual – Organizational Culture
 Module 3, May 14-16 F2F at NH Audubon, Concord, NH – Group Development and Leadership
 Module 4, May 23 Virtual – Organizational Systems
 Module 5, May 30 Virtual – Leading Change
 Module 6, June 12 – 13 F2F Co-Located at Summer School, Worcester State University – Application of Skills



If you have already submitted your application for the Leadership Development Program Cohort 10 and need to schedule your interview, please visit our Contact Us page to speak with a team member to pick a date and time available that works best for your schedule. Please note that interview blocks are in 30-minute increments. The interview deadline for the Leadership Development Program Cohort 10 is March 29, 2024.