Program FAQs:

Who can participate? – The LDP is for emerging and current leaders from the addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery profession in New England as well as behavioral health, criminal justice, and other healthcare professionals. You can view a full list of requirements on our Admissions page.

What is the application process like? – The application process consists of three parts: (1) general application, (2) supervisor reference, and (3) 30-minute interview.

What is the program duration? – For the virtual cohort, there are 10 days total that are typically spread out over 6 – 7 weeks. View the full schedule for Cohort 6.

Is the program fully virtual?LDP is historically a hybrid program with face to face sessions and online sessions via Zoom. Due to the pandemic,  LDP 5 will run completely virtually via Zoom until further notice to maintain the safety of our staff and participants.

Technology FAQs:

What platform do you use for virtual sessions? – The LDP team uses the Zoom platform for all virtual sessions.

Why do I need a Gmail email? – The LDP uses Google Suite – including Google Classroom – as the main resource/information center.  To join the Google Classroom account for each cohort, and to participate most effectively, a Gmail account is required.

Tuition FAQs:


Still have questions? Email the LDP Team at with any questions and our team will respond to you as soon as possible!