Group meeting with a special puppy guest

Low temperature physics in New Mexico always involves hiking at 10,000 feet (or so I was told). With the help of Andy Mounce, Dihao did microwave measurement on graphene devices ~~

Dilution fridge installation. Big shout-out to everyone in the lab whose hard work and dedication made this happen. Special thanks to Rong from the NMR lab for helping out as well.

Nano-electronic lab’s first visit to the maglab in Tallahassee Florida, where Xiaoxue did Coulomb drag measurement on a few double-layer devices.

From left to right: Heesoo, Xiaoxue, Dihao

A visitor in the office.

Dihao giving the first group meeting/journal club talk.

Working at the national high magnetic field lab (NHMFL).

Exfoliating graphene, one atomic layer of carbon, using the Scotch tape method.