About LunaSCOPE

LunaSCOPE – Lunar Structure, COmposition, and Processes for Exploration – is a groundbreaking initiative led by Brown University DEEPS, on an exciting journey of scientific discovery and exploration. LunaSCOPE is a NASA SSERVI Institute that began in 2023 that brings together a global team of experts to delve into the fascinating world of lunar science and exploration, with an emphasis on supporting a sustained human presence at the Moon.

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Moon

LunaSCOPE boasts a multidisciplinary team of scholars from 20 institutions across the world, forming a powerful network of lunar science and exploration expertise. We combine remote measurements, laboratory experiments, and analytical modeling to uncover the Moon's secrets and shed light on the broader mysteries of the Solar System. By integrating cross-disciplinary investigations, we address the most important scientific questions and provide a comprehensive view of lunar evolution. The future of lunar exploration hinges on our understanding of in-situ lunar resources. LunaSCOPE is dedicated to quantifying and characterizing these vital resources, which are essential for sustainable human presence on the Moon. Through our research, we identify potential exploration and sampling sites, assess resource availability, and enhance our knowledge of volatiles, opening new frontiers for space exploration.

Participating Institutions

Brown University, University of Central Florida University of Colorado at Boulder, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, University of Maryland, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, NASA JPL, Purdue University, Rutgers, Stanford University, Tougaloo College with collaborating institutions of California Institute of Technology, Washington University at St. Louis, University of California, Los Angeles, Museum of Natural History and Planetarium, Community Libraries of Providence, Rhode Island School of Design, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, Lancaster University, Westfälische Wilhelms‐Universität Münster, University of Western Ontario