The Public

The Public

Beyond the Science

LunaSCOPE, is a groundbreaking initiative led by Brown University DEEPS, on an exciting journey of scientific discovery and exploration centered at the Moon. Beyond the science, LunaSCOPE brings together several partners across the globe to engage the public and inspire the next generation of scientists and explorers with an emphasis on inclusivity and diversity.

Engaging the Public. LunaSCOPE is not just for scientists—it’s for everyone with a passion for the Moon and space exploration. Join us in community engagement programs organized in collaboration with esteemed institutions such as the Museum of Natural History and Planetarium, Community Libraries of Providence, Rhode Island School of Design, and WaterFire. Through exciting events and interactive experiences, we aim to ignite curiosity, inspire lifelong learning, and engage the public in the wonders of lunar science.

A Center of Excellence. LunaSCOPE serves as a vibrant hub of scientific excellence, collaboration, and innovation. Our team members engage in continuous interaction through courses, seminars, workshops, and online platforms, fostering cross-fertilization of ideas and stimulating exceptional productivity. We are dedicated to sharing our findings with the broader scientific community through workshops, seminars, and open-access databases, enriching the global knowledge base of planetary science.

Inspiring the Next Generation. LunaSCOPE is not just a research endeavor—it’s an educational movement. We prioritize the intellectual development of students at all levels, offering opportunities for research, mentorship, and professional growth. Through programs like the LunaSCOPE Academy and collaborations with the Leadership Alliance, we empower aspiring scientists and engineers to become leaders in their fields, propelling humanity’s quest for knowledge and exploration.