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LunaSCOPE Program Manager


The LunaSCOPE Program Manager is critical in coordinating and facilitating program activities within the LunaSCOPE Institute, a NASA SSERVI institute based at Brown University. This position serves as a central point of contact for the LunaSCOPE team and is responsible for coordinating and managing the program’s activities across multiple institutions. Responsibilities include: overseeing reporting requirements; managing the budget; developing and maintaining the website, social media channels, and inter-institutional communications platform; planning and facilitating meetings; and ensuring effective communication among team members. The LunaSCOPE Program Manager contributes to the institute’s mission of advancing lunar science, expanding our understanding of the Moon’s composition and history, and supporting NASA’s Artemis program.

This is a fixed-term, 100% effort position renewal each year up to five-years, depending on funding source.

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LunaSCOPE Public Engagement and Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) Specialist

The Public Engagement and Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility Specialist at LunaSCOPE, a NASA SSERVI institute based at Brown University, is responsible for developing and implementing comprehensive public engagement and inclusivity, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) strategies to engage diverse audiences in lunar science, exploration, and planetary research. This role plays a vital part in promoting the mission of LunaSCOPE, fostering collaborations, and disseminating scientific knowledge to inspire and educate the public. The Specialist will launch and manage all science activation, citizen science, public engagement, and IDEA efforts of LunaSCOPE. The Specialist will work closely with the LunaSCOPE team, NASA, academic researchers, domestic and international partners, and the community to enhance and facilitate engagement with LunaSCOPE and NASA SSERVI initiatives. The Specialist will collaborate with the LunaSCOPE Leadership to drive outreach and foster inclusivity, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) initiatives. Primary responsibilities include: coordinating training and development programs in collaboration with Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs), Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), and LunaSCOPE partners; developing and implementing activities and events in collaboration with LunaSCOPE partners and organizations to engage diverse communities and promote lunar science and exploration; manage and advise summer undergraduate research students; collaborating with external evaluators to assess the effectiveness of LunaSCOPE activities and events; supporting LunaSCOPE teaching programs aimed at providing educational opportunities to students; and working closely with the LunaSCOPE Program Manager to enhance the LunaSCOPE website and create effective materials to convey the mission, achievements, and initiatives of LunaSCOPE.

This is a fixed-term, 50% effort position renewal each year up to five-years, depending on funding source.

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LunaSCOPE Postdoctoral Positions


The LunaSCOPE NASA SSERVI Team hosted at Brown University Department of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences (DEEPS) invites applications for multiple Postdoctoral Research Scholars that complement and enhance existing research into the Moon on topics of (1) magma oceans, (2) magnetism, (3) volcanism and tectonism, (4) volatiles, (5) regolith and impacts, and (6) Earth-Moon orbital, stress, and tidal evolution. Diversity, equity and inclusion are integral to LunaSCOPE and Brown University, and thus LunaSCOPE seeks qualified candidates who can contribute to equity, diversity and inclusion through service, mentorship, teaching and scholarship.

Interested individuals should have a Ph.D. in Planetary Science, Geophysics, Physics/Astronomy, Statistics, Mathematics, or a related field. Start dates are negotiable. LunaSCOPE is interested in diversifying planetary science and encourages applications from diverse candidates. Candidates from historically underrepresented group(s) in higher education are encouraged to apply.

Applications will be initially reviewed on August 1, 2023 and on a rolling basis thereafter.

If interested, please upload a CV and brief statement of research interests and future research goals that highlights any previous experience related to LunaSCOPE research topics via our online form >>

Any questions can be directed to Alex Evans (alex_evans [at] brown [dot] edu). More information about LunaSCOPE and NASA SSERVI can be online atĀ and

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