LUX Talks

  • “Nuclear Recoil Calibration in the LUX Detector Down to 0.45 keV for Light Yield and 0.27 keV for Charge Yield Using a Pulsed D-D Neutron Generator”, D. Huang, APS April Meeting 2020 – link
  • “New analysis results from the LUX dark matter experiment”, V. Kudryavtsev, TAUP 2019 – pdf
  • “Machine Learning in LUX”, S. Kravits, DANCE 2019 – pdf
  • “The Search for Lightly Ionizing Particles Using Data from 90-Day Run of the LUX Detector”, P. Terman, APS April Meeting 2019 – pdf
  • “Simulations of external backgrounds at SURF for the LUX and LZ experiments“, D. Woodward, APS April Meeting 2018 – pdf
  • “Sub-GeV And Other Rare Event Searches with the LUX Detector”, L. Tvrznikova, APS April Meeting 2018 – pdf
  • “LUX and Combating the Lamppost Effect”, M. Szydagis, DPF 2017 – pdf
  • “Direct Dark Matter Searches with LUX”, C. Silva, Moriond 2017 – pdf
  • “Searching for Dark Matter with LUX and LZ”, P. Sorensen, LLWI 2017 – pdf
  • “Dark Matter Searches in LUX”, C. Silva, COSPA 2016 – pdf
  • “The Present and Future of Searching for Dark Matter with LUX and LZ”,M. Szydagis, ICHEP 2016 – pdf
  • “Dark Matter Results from 332 New Live Days of LUX Data”, A. Manalaysay, IDM 2016 – pdf
  • “Calibration of LUX Using a D-D Neutron Generator”, J. Verbus, APS 2015 – pdf
  • “LUX Background Model Improvements”, B. Tennyson, APS 2015 – pdf
  • “Development of the LUX Tritium Source and ER Response”, R. Knoche, APS 2015 – pdf
  • “Ultra-low Calibration with Xe-127 Electron Capture”, D. Huang, APS 2015 – pdf
  • “Low Energy Electron Recoil Response from Tritium Data”, A. Dobi, APS 2015 – pdf
  • “Origins and Distributions of the LUX Backgrounds”, S. Fiorucci, UCLA DM 2014 – pdf
  • “First results from the LUX dark matter search at SURF”, R. Gaitskell and D. McKinsey, Oct 30, 2013 – pdf

Overview / Outreach Talks

  • “Direct Detection of Dark Matter – Signal or No Signal”, R. Gaitskell, Review at UCLA DM 2014 – pdf
  • “The Future with Noble Liquid Detectors”, D. McKinsey, Aspen 2013 – pdf
  • “Dark Matter in the Black Hills”, S. Fiorucci, Outreach Colloquium Sep 2012 – pdf