Our group is working on the interface between chemistry and biology. We are especially interested in the research related to signaling molecules. Redox signaling molecules such as nitric oxide (NO) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) play important roles in a number of physiological and pathophysiological processes. The detailed understanding of their biological functions is challenging because these molecules are very reactive and can undergo many possible biochemical reactions to form complicated products. Our long-term goal is to understand the fundamental mechanisms of NO and H2S related to their functions. In this field researchers have limited access of tools to mimic biological generation of these signaling molecules and monitor their fates in biological systems. Our lab has been actively exploring such chemical tools and has identified some promising candidates. We hope our efforts will ultimately lead to a better understanding of the significance of NO and H2S and initiate new strategies of related therapy.
Our lab locates in GeoChem (rooms 401, 402, 403, 404B, 406, and 455). You are welcome to visit us!

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