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India Thieriot


  • Music

Music Award(s):

  • Marion Hassenfeld Premium – 2021
  • Margery MacColl Award – 2019

Honors in Music Project:

  • What Happened While I Dreamt

“What Happened While I Dreamt” is a collection of songs at the intersection of pop music and sound art. An element of each song—whether it be lyrics, a chord progression, or an element of production inspiration—was composed in or inspired by an altered state of consciousness. Each song went through almost 5 stages of development, based on changing taste throughout the two semesters of working on it as well as helpful feedback from my advisor, Kristina Warren. The project was very much an autoethnographic body of work, in that my own habits and process of songwriting were more of a focal point than the end result. Throughout the process I continually urged myself not to consider commercial desirability as a factor in sonic decision-making which allowed for more experimentation and freedom.

Listen to “What Happened While I Dreamt.”

My hope is that the listeners of this album may be able to viscerally imagine the feelings and
sensations I experienced when creating these songs. I also hope that the listener may even enter a state of consciousness which deviates from their regular state by hearing these tracks.
I believe the best way to conjure up some of the sensations I am trying to sonically capture is by
listening to the album with headphones. If possible, I think listening with closed eyes or in
darkness will be the most effective way of soaking in the tracks.

1. What Happened While I Dreamt


2. Across My Mind


3. Paranoia Breaking


4. India Point Park


5. Swimming


6. Doing it for Ourselves


India Thieriot’s Project and Track Description:

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Personal Statement:

India Thieriot is a senior from San Francisco, CA studying Music. During her time at Brown, she was the Musical Director for Brown’s longest-running a cappella group, The Chattertocks. Her favorite part of being a musician at Brown has been collaborating with other talented students. She recently released a single called “Take Some Space” which is available on all streaming platforms.


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