Honors in Music

Faculty rules stipulate “Brown University shall, at graduation, grant honors to students whose work in a field of concentration has demonstrated superior quality and culminated in an honors thesis of distinction.” We proudly recognize students who earned Music Honors in the 2020-21 academic year.


photo of Kyle Brier
Kyle Brier

Kyle Brier  |  Mount Hope

photo of Max Chung
Max Chung

Max Chung  |  Tempus Adapto

photo of Raphael Cohen
Raphael Cohen

Raphael Cohen  |  Echo: Act One

photo of Xiaoyu Huang
Xiaoyu Huang

Xiaoyu Huang  |  Music Copyright’s Overdetermination Problem

photo of Tomi Madarikan
Tomi Madarikan

Tomi Madarikan  |  LINEAGE

photo of Temma Schaechter
Temma Schaechter

Temma Schaechter  |  From Your Toes to the Stars

photo of Nicholas Scott
Nicholas Scott

Nicholas Scott  |  Organ Sight Reading Anthology

photo of India Thieriot
India Thieriot

India Thieriot  |  What Happened While I Dreamt

photo of Isabel Vazquez
Isabel Vazquez

Isabel Vazquez  |  Nashne: AMNA

Jiachen Xue  |  Meditations on Time