Welcome & Congratulations!

To our Seniors,

It was so fabulous to be able to gather at the end of this semester to celebrate our honors and capstone projects in Fulton and Grant. Even more wonderful was being able to fill our spaces on campus this year with music making again: it was the marvelous work by all of our students that made it feel like we were truly back, despite all the lingering Covid-related kerfuffles.

You all might be tired of hearing this, but I want to acknowledge the challenging conditions you all faced for so much of your time at Brown: from being flung to far corners of the globe in the middle of your sophomore year to navigating the ever-changing Covid-restrictions over the past two years. And this semester has been its own particular challenge: many of us have found this semester to be one the of most exhausting semesters, not just of the pandemic, but of all time. And yet here we are: you made it to the finish line with marvelous, wide-ranging, inspiring, and often deeply personal projects.

I offer our Class of 2022 my warmest and most enthusiastic congratulations on your many accomplishments and I wish you all wonderful things in your future endeavors. Please stay in touch!

Emily I. Dolan
Department Chair