Music Awards

We proudly recognize students who earned Music Awards in the 2021-22 academic year.

Jean & Francis Madeira Award

For a senior who is going on in music. Given by Brown Club of Rhode Island.

Maya Polsky


Walter J. Nelson Prize

To honor music accomplishment for a student who exhibits musical talent and interest

Max Chung  /  Ben Michals  /  Ben West


Marion Hassenfeld Premium

For excellence in music or music appreciation

Maliha Islam  /  Xinru Li


Muriel Hassenfeld Mann Premium

For excellence in music or music appreciation

Katherine Beggs  /  Elana Hausknecht  /  Emily Smith-Feldman


Rose Rosengard Subotnik Prize

For excellence in writing about musical topics

Palmer Nix


Coolidge Premium

For a senior for musical excellence

Alp Köksal  /  Christian Licato


Ron Nelson Prize

For musical excellence

Andrew Alper  /  Zachary Bernstein  /  Wills Guggenheim  


Margery MacColl Award

For a first- or second-year student who shows exceptional promise as a potential concentrator.

Bryce Gray  /  Lyatte Liu  /  Derrick Pennix  /  Gabriel Toth  /  Emma Venarde


Hope Chatterton Prize

For excellence in piano or vocal performance

Claire Liu  /  Mo Liu  /  Marijke Perry


Mitchell Baker ’90 Music Scholar Competition

For excellence in jazz performance

Joel Manasseh  /  Nolan Serbent


Rosamund Winslow Lemaire Woodwind Prize

For excellence in woodwind performance

astrid hubbard flynn  /  Maxime Pitchon  /  Holly Zheng


David Laurent Prize

For excellence in vocal performance

Emma George


Rostropovich Prize

To be given to an outstanding graduating musician in the Orchestra

Michael Tu  /  Annie Wu