Call for Art

Students from the Spring 2019 Cogut Institute seminar, Neurodiversity: Science, Politics, Culture, in partnership with the Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies, are hosting Brown’s first symposium on neurodiversity May 2-3, 2019. We are looking for art by and about experiences and identities beyond and outside of the “neurotypical” in order to populate our space! Your art would be displayed in the symposium space and play a role in making the space interactive and productive for all. In our efforts to make the space intellectually accessible, we are calling for art that is created in reference to or inspired loosely by these terms/themes and are open to your further suggestions and all mediums of interpretation. There are no wrong answers or interpretations!

If you would like to contribute art but do not know what these terms mean or where to start email us and we are more than happy to chat! You can get in touch with us at

Keywords might include: Neurodiversity, Medical v/or social model of disability, Disability, Crip // Crip Theory, Plasticity, Capitalism, Rhetoricity, Feminism, Body, Affect, Senses, Antipsychiatry, Bare Life, Intellectual Disability, Introvert, Able-Mindedness