Monday, July 11: Framing rights and access | Dr. Jason Mancini, Ridge Spears, and Maryann Mathews

Tuesday, July 12: Framing narrative |  Lorén Spears, Robert Geake

Wednesday, July 13: Framing perspective | Dr. Marcus Rediker, Chris Menapace, and Elysa Engleman

Thursday, July 14: Framing American Slavery | Alexandra [Yaya] Johnson, Dr. Christopher Roberts, and Dr. Linford Fisher

Friday, July 15: Framing ourselves |  Prof. Anthony Bogues, Ranger John McNiff, Ray Rickman, and Robb Dimmick 

Saturday, July 16: Framing inclusion | National Parks Service 

Sunday, July 17: Framing place and space | Program Facilitators



Monday, July 18:  Creating a decolonized approach |Geralyn Ducady, Richard Ring, and Dr. C. Morgan Grefe

Tuesday, July 19:  Creating awareness and developing advocacy | NaDaizja Bolling

Wednesday, July 20: Creating space for solidarity, redress, and reconciliation | Marco Williams, Christopher Samih-Rotondo

Thursday, July 21: Creating opportunities to Recovering Indigenous Stories in the Americas | Johnathan James Perry