About the Project

The Brown Contract Management system is live. The system provides a paperless process for requesting contract reviews and creates a process to initiate the use of Professional Services Agreements, guest speaker agreements and other University developed contract templates.
PSA templates will be created within the system and the PDF versions of the templates are no longer to be used for engagements where a purchase order is required (e.g. over $3,000 or more than one payment). Making this change provides a process that better aligns with the Department of Labor compliance requirements related to determining the status of an independent contractor. The Spring 2021 OGC Bear Tracks Counsel newsletter highlighted the importance of this process.

Now that the system is live, contracts for the purchase of goods and services will be reviewed and processed in The Brown Contract Management System (BCM).

Other system features include:

  • Visibility into workflow process
  • Automated routing to the appropriate reviewing office (SPCI or CIS)
  • Improved version control of University contract templates
  • Automated notifications of important contract dates
  • Communication related to the contract available in one place
  • DocuSign enabled to facilitate collection of signatures
  • Integrated with Workday
  • Contract repository for better coordination between departments

Training modules have been created and are provided through Workday Learning. Additional training support are available through the use of open labs and job aids.  The Policy for Hiring Consultants/Independent Contractors has also been updated to include the new procedures.

Project Background:
The University worked with Huron Consulting Group to complete an assessment of procurement and contracting processes at Brown.  Huron identified several areas to target for improvement. The Brown Contract and Policy Management system and BrownBuys marketplace are two of the recommendations that are being implemented at this time.

October 2020 – Ongoing Projects started – Program Planning and Governance activities
November 2020 – March 2021 Design  & Configuration work
January 2021 – April 2021 Solution Validation activities
January 2021 – March 2021 Training development & Support plans to prepare for Go-Live
April 2021 Brown Contracts System is live
May 2021 – June 2021 BrownBuys Marketplace is live

Visual Timeline

Brown Contract Management System Information Session 3-30-21 Presentation Slides