March 2020
Publication | Crane, M. J., Henry Jr, W. L., Tran, H. L., Albina, J. E., Jamieson, A. M. Assessment of Acute Wound Healing using the Dorsal Subcutaneous Polyvinyl Alcohol Sponge Implantation and Excisional Tail Skin Wound Models . J. Vis. Exp. (157), e60653, doi:10.3791/60653 (2020).

February 2019
Welcome to our new lab website!

August 2018
Publication | Crane MJ, Xu Y, Henry WL Jr, Gillis SP, Albina JE, Jamieson AM. Pulmonary influenza A virus infection leads to suppression of the innate immune response to dermal injury. PLoS Pathogen; 2018.

October 2018
Publication | Lee KM, Morris-Love J, Cabral DJ, Belenky P, Opal SM, Jamieson AM. Coinfection With Influenza A Virus and Klebsiella oxytoca: An Underrecognized Impact on Host Resistance and Tolerance to Pulmonary Infections. Frontiers in Immunology; 2018.

June 2018
Publication | Crane MJ, Lee KM, FitzGerald ES, Jamieson AM. Surviving Deadly Lung Infections: Innate Host Tolerance Mechanisms in the Pulmonary System. Frontiers in Immunology; 2018.

April 2018
Congratulations, to Yun (Ryan) Xu for his successful defense on his dissertation, “Modeling innate immune triage: The early responses to concurrent dermal wounds and pulmonary infections”!

February 2018
Raising Nerd – Women in Science Interview: “A love for science pushed her to pursue molecular microbiology”

October 2017
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The Brown Daily Herald – “Four professors awarded DARPA Director’s Fellowship – Fellowship will provide extra year of up to $500,000 to Young Faculty Award recipients”

News from Brown – New Faculty: Amanda Jamieson

August 2015
RI-INBRE – “The impact of e-Cigarette vapor on the pulmonary stress response”

June 2016
News from Brown – “NIH awards Brown $11.5M for computational biology research”

February 2016
Turn to 10 News – “Health Check: Researchers want to know what’s in e-cigs”

Spring 2016
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Fall 2014
Medicine@Brown – “Branching Out”

April 2013
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