Name Conversion Chart

This chart lists the name at graduation and current known name for each interviewee. To find an individual’s interview, type their name at graduation into the search box on the right under “Find an Oral History.” 

Note that this chart contains only the names of those who have provided individual interviews. The names of reunion and group interviewees are not included but are still searchable by name at graduation.

Class Year

Name at Graduation

Current Known Name

1911 Marjorie Phillips Wood Marjorie (Wood) Burroughs
1913 Gladys Paine Gladys (Paine) Johnson
1913 Sarah Elizabeth Minchin Sarah (Minchin) Barker
1914 Alita Dorothy Bosworth Alita (Bosworth) Cameron
1914 Marguerite Appleton Marguerite Appleton
1914 Rowena Albro Sherman Rowena (Sherman) Allen
1914 Ruth Elizabeth Cooke Ruth (Cooke) Peterson
1917 Anna Pena Hass Anna (Hass) Morgan
1918 Lillian Dorothy Beals Lillian (Beals) Brown
1918 Rose Presel Rose Presel
1919 Edna Ruth MacDonald Edna MacDonald
1919 Ruth Dorothea Peterson Ruth (Peterson) Watjen
1922 Helen Julia Thayer Helen (Thayer) Paxton
1922 Isabel Ross Abbott Isabel Abbott
1923 Helen Anderson Hoff Helen Hoff Peterson
1923 Ruth May Bugbee Ruth (Bugbee) Lubrano
1924 Charlotte Ferguson Charlotte (Ferguson) Roads
1924 Elizabeth Lee Young Elizabeth (Young, Jeffers) Winsor
1925 Beatrice Elizabeth Coleman Beatrice Coleman
1926 Caroline Flanders Caroline Flanders
1926 Martha Alice Ingham Dickie Martha (Dickie, Sharp) Cogan
1927 Margaret Waterman Margaret (Waterman) Devoe
1927 Marjorie Whitcomb Sallie Marjorie Sallie
1927 Mary Carpenter Emerson Mary (Emerson) Sweet
1928 Alice Elizabeth O’Connor Alice (O’Connor) Chmielewski
1928 Doris Madeline Hopkins Doris (Hopkins) Stapleton
1928 Eleanor Francis Sarle Eleanor (Sarle) Briggs
1928 Grace Amelia McAuslan Grace McAuslan
1928 Helen Elizabeth Butts Helen (Butts, Correll) Carter
1928 Rose Roberta Traurig Rose Traurig
1928 Sarah Gertrude Mazick Sarah (Mazick) Saklad
1929 Ethel Mary Humphrey Ethel (Humphrey) Anderson
1929 Margery Chittenden Leonard Margery Leonard
1930 Cecile Lena Kantrowitz Israel Cecile (Kantrowitz) Israel
1930 Dorothy Allen Hill Dorothy Hill
1930 Helena Patricia Hogan Helena “Pat” (Hogan) Shea
1930 Jeannette Dora Black Jeannette Black
1931 Esther Amelia Dick Esther (Dick) Snell
1931 Mary Bernadette Banigan Mary Banigan
1931 Rose Beatrice Miller Rose (Miller) Roitman
1932 Katherine Perkins Katherine Perkins
1933 Bella Skolnick Bella (Skolnick) Krovitz
1933 Clarice d’Almeida Pitta Clarice (Pitta) Chapman
1933 Ethel Colvin Nichols Ethel (Nichols) Thomas
1933 Katherine May Hazard Katherine Hazard
1933 Mary Manley Mary (Manley) Eaton
1933 Ruth Estella Sittler Ruth Sittler
1933 Ruth Lilian Wade Ruth (Wade) Cerjanec
1935 Beatrice Wattman Beatrice (Wattman) Miller
1936 Harva Zelda Fisher Zelda (Fisher) Gourse
1936 Katherine Virginia Faulkner Katherine (Faulkner) Niles
1937 Eleanor Rosalie McElroy Eleanor McElroy
1938 Eleanor Mary Addison Eleanor Addison
1938 Josephine Mary Russo Josephine (Russo) Carson
1938 Virginia Belle MacMillan Virginia (MacMillan) Trescott
1939 Clara Elizabeth Goodale Elizabeth Goodale Kenyon
1939 Elaine Barbara Frank Elaine (Frank) Lieberman
1939 Margaret Mary Porter Margaret “Peg” (Porter) Dolan
1939 Theresa Elizabeth Gagnon Theresa Gagnon Mellone
1940 Penelope Claire Hartland Penelope Hartland-Thunberg
1941 Sophie Pearl Schaffer Sophia “Sophie” (Schaffer) Blistein
1942 Elizabeth Susan Weatherhead Susan Weatherhead
1943 Arlene Burnice Rome Arlene (Rome) Ten Eyck
1943 Enid Wilson Enid Wilson
1943 Justine Tyrrell Justine (Tyrrell) Priestly
1943 Marjorie Marianne Roffee Morjorie (Roffee) Milroy
1943 Ruth Ellen Bains Ruth Bains Hartmann
1944 Elizabeth J. Pretzer Elizabeth (Pretzer) Rall
1944 Judith Weiss Judith Weiss Cohen
1944 Marcella F. Fagan Marcella (Fagan) Hance
1945 Alice Mary Clark Alice (Clark) Donahue
1945 Beverly Adele Moss Beverly (Moss) Spatt
1945 Dorothy Myrtle Kay Dorothy (Kay) Fishbein
1945 Elizabeth Branch Jackson Elizabeth (Jackson) Phillips
1945 Hilda Antoinette Calabro Hilda Calabro
1945 Hope Ballinger Hope (Ballinger) Brown
1945 Jean McKaye Tanner Jean (Tanner) Edwards
1945 Lorraine Estelle Adler Lorraine Adler Rosen
1946 Betty J. Lipkin Bette (Lipkin) Brown
1946 Elsie B. Anderson Elsie (Anderson, Lewis) Drew
1946 Gloria E. Del Papa Gloria Del Papa
1946 Judith Vivienne Korey Judith Korey Charles
1947 Anna C. Renzi Anne Wright
1947 Jane E. Walsh Jane (Walsh) Folcarelli
1947 Joyce Wetherald Joyce Wetherald Fairchild
1948 Constance Andrews Constance (Hurley) Andrews
1948 Elizabeth Hortense Leduc Elizabeth Leduc
1949 Jean Ellen Miller Jean Miller
1950 Edna Frances Graham Edna (Graham) Anness
1951 Polly Adams Welts Polly (Welts) Kaufman
1952 Arlene Elizabeth Gorton Arlene Gorton
1952 Beverly Anne Calderwood Beverly (Calderwood) Hart
1952 Elizabeth Anne Gibbons Elizabeth (Gibbons, Rauh) Perryman
1953 Alison Palmer Alison Palmer
1953 Lois Black Lois Black
1953 Rita R. Schorr Rita Schorr-Germain
1953 Rosemary Pierrel Rosemary (Pierrel) Sorrentino
1953 Stavroula James Balomenos Stavroula ‘Starr” (Balomenos) Demitre
1954 Marjorie Alice Jones Marjorie (Jones) Stenberg
1955 Sylvia Rosen Sylvia (Rosen) Baumgarten
1956 Mary Jane Mikuriya Mary Jane Mikuriya
1957 Charlotte Lowney Charlotte (Lowney) Thomas
1957 Lillian S. Berberian Lillian Berberian Klanian
1958 Susan Beth Adler Susan Adler Kaplan
1959 Ann Martha Chmielewski Ann (Chmielewski) Anderson
1959 Carol Canner Carol Canner Gjelsvik
1959 Charlene Marion Ingraham Charlene (Ingraham) Underhill
1959 Diane Eileen Scola Diane Scola
1959 Grace Ellen Azevedo Grace E. (Azevedo) Murphy
1960 Joan Caryll Hoost Joan Hoost McMaster
1961 Cynthia Lee Jenner Cynthia Lee Jenner
1961 Margaret Katherine Ellickson Margaret (Ellickson, Dickerman) Senturia
1962 Wanni Anderson Wanni Anderson
1962 Carol Ann Markovitz Carol Markovitz Raskin
1962 Katharine Curtis Pierce Katharine Pierce
1962 Romaine Ahlstrom Romaine Ahlstrom
1963 Beverly Irene Nanes Beverly (Nanes) Dubrin
1963 Hilary Berger Ross Hilary (Ross) Salk
1963 Joyce Loretta Richardson Joyce Richardson
1963 Steven S. Krawiec Steven Krawiec
1964 Carolyn Ann Converse Carolyn Converse
1964 Charlotte Nell Cook Charlotte (Cook) Morse
1964 Dorothy Ann Haus Dorothy (Haus) Testa
1964 Ingrid Ellen Winther Ingrid Winther Scobie
1964 Rochelle Miller Rochelle “Shelley” (Miller) Bleeker
1965 Cynthia Burdick Cynthia (Burdick, Brill) Patterson
1966 Carol R. Dannenberg Carol (Dannenberg) Frenier
1966 Elissa L. Beron Elissa (Beron) Arons
1966 Kristie E. Miller Kristie Miller
1966 Meryl Smith Meryl (Smith) Raskin
1966 Phyllis A. Kollmer Phyllis Kollmer Santry
1967 Susan Elizabeth Geary Susan Geary
1968 Ancelin M. Vogt Ancelin (Vogt, Lynch) Wolfe
1968 Constance Worthington Constance Worthington
1968 Gwyneth V. Walker Gwyneth Walker
1968 Penelope A. Baskerville Penelope Baskerville
1968 Susan A. Semonoff Susan Semonoff
1969 Rita Ann Chao Rita Chao Hadden
1969 Susan Cowell Susan Cowell
1969 Judith Fitzhugh Ido Jamar
1970 Susan Friedman Susan Friedman
1971 Susan E. Graber Susan (Graber) Slusky
1972 Marlene Gerber Fried Marlene Gerber Fried
1972 Lucile K. Wawzonek Lucile (Wawzonek) Thompson
1972 Miriam Dale Pichey Miriam “Mimi” Pichey
1973 Lillian Y. Lim Lillian Y. Lim
1973 Gail Y. Mitchell Gail Mitchell
1973 Karen E. McLaurin Karen McLaurin-Chesson
1973 Ojetta R. Thompson O. Rogeriee Thompson
1973 Santina L. Siena Santina Siena
1973 Elizabeth B. West Elizabeth “Betsy” West
1974 Ferelene Bailey Ferelene “Nan” Bailey
1974 Barbara E. Ehrlich Barbara Ehrlich
1974 Candace Heald Candace Heald
1975 Peggy J. McKearney P.J. (McKearney) Hamel
1975 Rita A. Campbell Rita Campbell
1976 Ingrid Rodi Ingrid Rodi
1977 Yvonne Ruiz Yvonne Ruiz
1977 Kim A. Taylor Kim Taylor-Thompson
1978 Maggie M. Wenig Margaret Moers Wenig
1978 Margot Landman Margot Landman
1979 Anita L. Schell Anita Schell
1979 Deborah J. Greenberg Debroah (Greenberg) Irwin
1979 Rita Moniz Rita Duarte Marinho
1980 Javette D. Pinkney Javette (Pinkney) Laremont
1982 Karona Monica Mason Karona Mason
1982 Linda J. Peters Linda (Peters) Mahdesian
1983 Donna Zaccaro Donna Zaccaro
1983 Jeree Palmer-Beckham Jeree (Palmer) Wade
1985 Katani A. Eaton Katani Sumner
1985 Lydia L. English Lydia English
1986 Lynn Nottage Lynn Nottage
1987 Hannelore Banks Rodriguez Hannelore Rodriguez-Farrar
1988 Martha Gardner Martha Gardner
1989 Galia Siegel Galia Siegel
1989 Sarah Fox Sarah Fox
1992 Nicole Kathleen Harrison Nikki Strong
1992 Resa Lewiss Resa Lewiss
1993 Mariah Draper Mariah Calagione
1993 Johanna Fernández Johanna Fernández
1993 Julie Uhm Julie (Uhm) Kao
1994 Bernadette Aulestia Bernadette Aulestia
1994 Tejal Ashwin Desai Tejal Desai
1994 Yoruba Richen Yoruba Richen
1995 Teena Shetty Teena Shetty
1997 Delores A. Bennett Delores Bennett Rochester Brown
1997 Kathy Le Kathy Le
1997 Beatrice McGeoch Beatrice McGeoch
1998 Markita Morris Markita Morris-Louis
1998 Sara Caitlin Potter Sara Caitlin Potter
1999 Jessica U. Meir Jessica U. Meir
2001 Maria Manuela Goyanes Maria Manuela Goyanes
2001 Manya Rubinstein Manya Rubinstein
2005 Charise Castro Smith Charise Castro Smith
2006 Kimberly Dan Kimberly Dan
2009 Miranda Summers Lowe Miranda Summers Lowe
2010 Sarah Kay Sarah Kay
2011 Hector Mooney Hector Mooney
2015 Sara Matthiesen Sara Matthiesen
2016 Justice Gaines Justice Gaines
2016 Morayo Akande Morayo Akande
2017 Mary Gannon Mary Gannon
2017 Ryan Segur Ryan Segur
2019 Shira Buchsbaum Shira Buchsbaum
2019 Emily Tunkel Emily Tunkel
2019 Rowan Potter Rowan Potter
2019 Samantha Kiernan Samantha Kiernan
2019 Soyoon Kim Soyoon Kim
2019 Yema Yang Yema Yang
2020 Sebastián Castro Niculescu Sebastián Castro Niculescu
2020 Virginia Thomas Virginia Thomas
2020 Ruby Aiyo Gerber Ruby Aiyo Gerber
2020 Shibei Guo Shibei Guo
2020 Shuyan Wang Shuyan Wang
2021 Finch Collins Finch Collins
2021 Karina Wang Karina Wang
2022 Noa Mintz Noa Mintz
2024 Yukti Agarwal Yukti Agarwal
Faculty Rachel Cassidy Rachel Cassidy
Faculty Helen FitzGerald Cserr Helen FitzGerald Cserr
Faculty Wendy Edwards Wendy Edwards
Faculty Anne Fausto-Sterling Anne Fausto-Sterling
Faculty Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve
Faculty Roswell Johnson, M.D. Roswell Johnson, M.D.
Faculty Louise Lamphere Louise Lamphere
Faculty Philip Leis Philip Leis
Faculty Karen Newman Karen Newman
Faculty Clarice LaVerne Thompson Clarice LaVerne Thompson
Faculty Janice Vanderwater Janice Vanderwater
Faculty Meera Viswanathan Meera Viswanathan
Staff Gail Cohee Gail Cohee
Staff Lydia Curliss Lydia Curliss
Staff Jennifer Currier Jennifer Currier
Staff Mitchell Foster Mitchell Foster
Staff Katherine Goldman Katherine Goldman
Staff Rae Gould Rae Gould
Staff Annalisa Heppner Annalisa Heppner
Staff Karen T. Romer Karen T. Romer
Staff Heidi Sasseville Heidi Sasseville
Staff Christina Smith Christina Smith
Staff Diane Straker Diane Straker
Staff Amanda Strauss Amanda Strauss
Staff Feven Teklu Feven Teklu
Staff Elizabeth Weed Elizabeth Weed


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