Shuyan Wang, class of 2020

Abstract In this interview, Shuyan Wang, class of 2020, discusses life on campus, her experience as an applied math concentrator, and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on her home in China and her life in the United States. Wang begins by talking about her family and early education in Nanjing, China, where she explains […]

Sebastián Castro Niculescu, class of 2020

Abstract In this interview, then Brown and RISD Dual-Degree student Sebastián Castro Niculescu discusses her experience growing up in and around Queens, New York, her childhood education, admittance to Brown-RISD, and social life around the turn of the Trump Administration. The child of an Ecuadorian immigrant and Romanian refugee, Niculescu begins by detailing how she […]

Ryan Segur, class of 2017

Abstract In this interview, Ryan Segur, class of 2017, highlights their experience as an undergraduate and graduate non binary trans femme member of the Brown University community. Segur begins by sharing some personal background including a brief explanation of how they identify. They describe their early life as a child of two members of the […]

Sara Matthiesen, class of 2015

Abstract In this interview, Sara Matthiesen, Brown University class of 2015, discusses her experiences as a professor and social justice activist in Washington, DC, during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Matthiesen begins by recalling that she first learned about COVID-19 from an international student who regularly attended her office hours. She explains that she was concerned […]

Maria Manuela Goyanes, class of 2001

Abstract In these interviews, Maria Manuela Goyanes, Brown University class of 2001, describes why she decided to attend Brown, her experience in the Theatre Department, and her career in theatre after Brown. Goyanes begins Part 1 by describing her childhood in Queens, New York, her parents’ immigration stories, and her early education at Bronx High […]

Sarah Fox, class of 1989

Abstract In this interview, Dr. Sarah Fox, gynecologist, Clinical Assistant Professor at Brown University’s Warren Alpert Medical School, and member of the Brown University class of 1989, discusses the challenges and changes she faced as a women’s health provider during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Fox begins by explaining her thoughts and feelings as news about […]

Donna Zaccaro, Class of 1983

Abstract In this interview, Donna Zaccaro, Brown University class of 1983, discusses her life on the campaign trail with her mother, Geraldine Ferraro – the first woman Vice Presidential nominee on a major party ticket; her path to becoming a documentarian; and the impeachment trial of United States President Donald Trump. Zaccaro begins by sharing […]

Candace Heald, class of 1974

Abstract In this interview, Candace Heald, Brown University class of 1974, discusses her experiences as a member of the last Pembroke College class, as well as her experiences learning about and adapting to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Heald begins by detailing her family’s legacy at Brown, her admission process, and her path to becoming a […]

Elizabeth B. West, class of 1973

Abstract In these interviews, Elizabeth B. West, Brown University class of 1973, discusses her experiences at Brown University during the Pembroke-Brown merger, the Vietnam War, and the Women’s Movement. She also talks about her thirty-year career in network news, her path to becoming a full-time documentary filmmaker, the inauguration of President Joseph Biden, and getting […]

Gail Cohee, Staff

Abstract In this two-part interview, Gail Cohee, former Associate Dean of Students and Director of the Sarah Doyle Center for Women and Gender, discusses her life in academia, women’s center work, changing circumstances at Brown during the late 2010s, and retirement during the COVID-19 pandemic. She begins with an overview of her teaching in English […]

Wendy Edwards, Faculty

Abstract In this interview, Chair and Professor of Visual Arts, Wendy Edwards, describes her journey to becoming a professional painter and discusses her 40-year tenure at Brown University. Edwards begins by briefly mentioning her parents’ educational backgrounds and then detailing her early life living on a farm in Virginia outside of Washington, DC, and visiting […]

Shibei Guo, class of 2020

Abstract In this interview, Shibei Guo, Brown University class of 2020, shares her experiences as an international student from Wuhan, China, during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Guo begins by explaining why she decided to transfer to Brown after her first year of college at New York University. She emphasizes the allure of Brown’s open curriculum […]