Miranda Summers Lowe, class of 2009 MA

Abstract In this interview, Miranda Summers Lowe, MA class of 2009, talks about her decision to enlist in the Army, her service, and her time as a veteran at Brown University. Summers Lowe begins by sharing some personal background information about her childhood. She explains having to move around for her parents’ careers as college […]

Jean McKaye Tanner, class of 1945

Abstract In this interview, Jean McKaye Tanner discusses life on campus during World War II. Tanner was engaged to be married while at Pembroke and she recalls her urgency to marry her fiancé, Knight Edwards, because of time constraints put upon them by the war effort. Knight Edwards, who was in the Reserve Officers’ Training […]

Ruth Estella Sittler, class of 1933

Abstract In this interview, conducted over fifty years after her graduation, Ruth Estella Sittler begins by describing her childhood in Uniontown, Pennsylvania and the difficulty of her parents’ divorce in 1929. Sittler explains that her older brother graduated from Brown University in 1930 and that she was determined to follow in his footsteps. In 1929, […]

Martha Alice Ingham Dickie, class of 1926 (interview 1 of 2)

Abstract Martha Alice Ingham Dickie begins her 1985 interview discussing both her religious and academic backgrounds, elaborating on her interests in social work and international politics. These religious and intellectual values converged in 1939, when Czechoslovakia was being threatened by the Nazis and the Unitarian Churches there had been occupied. As part of the American […]