Applications are open in the PROBE Lab in Brown University’s School of Engineering for a Postdoctoral Research Associate position in the emerging area of ‘classically entangled’ optical fields. Such fields exhibit coupling between two or more intrinsic degrees-of-freedom, e.g., position and polarization, and offer intriguing possibilities for many applications including real-time polarimetry, communicating through turbid media, and diffraction- and dispersion-free plasmonic wave packets. Research activities will mostly comprise developing and carrying out hands-on optical experiments, but a portion of the work would require appropriate simulation modeling. Qualified candidates should have completed or be very near completing their Ph.D. in physics or electrical engineering (or related STEM field) and should have a strong foundation in electromagnetics. Previous experience with classical or quantum optics, statistical optics, and/or plasmonics, as well as with modeling in MATLAB, COMSOL and Lumerical, is preferred, but not required. Research in the PROBE Lab at Brown University generally focuses in the areas of bioimaging, plasmonics, nanomanufacturing, and polarization vector fields. Candidates for this position must exhibit a strong work ethic, good interpersonal skills, and be willing to positively contribute to a diverse and inclusive, interdisciplinary research environment. This position is immediately available, and will remain open until filled. Inquiries should be sent to:

Professor Kimani Toussaint