Home Health Technologies in 2032

This February, Brown University will host the first annual workshop, Home Health Technologies in 2032.

Led by the Brown University School of Engineering, this invite-only, virtual workshop will explore pathways that can generate home-based technologies that drive paradigm shifts in health care-for everyone. We will focus our questions on the following engineering design requirements:

  • Address critical needs that will reduce the stress on the healthcare system;
  • Design technologies through the lens of equity, inclusiveness, and accessibility, particularly for populations that are historically impacted by disparities in the health; and
  • Ensure technologies can be translated to the home setting within 10 years.

In two afternoons, February 17-18, 2022 (1pm-4pm EST each day), participants will have the opportunity to engage with experts and thought leaders to explore several real-world, healthcare scenarios that would benefit from technological and scientific innovations.

Finally, attendees of this workshop will have the opportunity to:

  1. Co-author a peer-reviewed report on the outcomes of the workshop,
  2. Participate in a seed-funding student-driven competition, and
  3. Be a critical partner to help establish a new research initiative on the frontiers of equitable home-health technologies.

Keynote Speakers

Jennifer Goldsack, Digital Medicine Society

Ruby Mendenhall, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

John A. Rogers, Northwestern University


Tejal Desai, University of California San Francisco and Incoming Dean of Brown School of Engineering

Agenda at a Glance

February 17-18, 2022 (Virtual)*

Day 1


Kimani Toussaint, Senior Associate Dean, School of Engineering, Brown University

Richard Locke, Provost, Brown University


Plenary Panel 1: Setting the Stage

Moderator: Anita Shukla, School of Engineering, Brown


Session 1: Scenario Discussion

A clinician presents a real-life situation that demonstrates some of their most pressing needs right now. Topics include:

Annual Wellness Visit and the Primary Care PhysicianKristina Duarte, MD, Providence Community Health Center

Care During Pandemics and Natural DisastersSyra Madad, Senior Director, System-wide Special Pathogens Program Office, NYC Health and Hospitals

Equitable Access to Healthcare Elisa Wong, National Program Lead, Social Health Practice, Kaiser Permanente

Cardiovascular Monitoring Nishant Shah, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Assistant Professor of Health Services, Policy, and Practice, Brown University

Emergency MedicineSelim Suner, MD, Professor of Emergency Medicine, Professor of Surgery, Professor of Engineering

Advancing Maternal Health Jennifer Unger, MD, Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Brown University, Women and Infants Hospital

3:15 Break

Day 1 Closing Plenary

John Rogers, Northwestern University  – The Future of Healthcare Technology

3:50 Review of Overnight Activity and Day 2, Adjourn
4:00 Adjourn  (That evening and following morning, the Brown hosts will develop the next phase for each scenario, integrating the discussion and drafting a solution or coalescing key questions).
1:00 Welcome – Angus Kingon, School of Engineering, Brown University
1:15 Scenario Presentations; Concept Maps from Day 1

Session 2: Advanced Scenario Discussion – Presented by Brown Workshop Hosts

Return to the same break-out room as Day 1.


Session 3: Exploration of What is Next

The Organizing Committee will host a facilitated discussion with all participants to illuminate the big ideas that have emerged in the break-outs.

3:25 Break
3:45 Closing Remarks

  • Tejal Desai, Incoming Dean of the School of Engineering, Brown  – The importance of bringing together engineering, medicine, and public health to tackle the challenge of an equitable health care system 

Day 2 Closing

Kimani Toussaint, Senior Associate Dean of the School of Engineering, Brown

4:00 Adjourn

* To request to join, please contact Betsy_Loucks@brown.edu before February 15.

Pre-recorded Presentations
Topics Presenter 
Systems Change Aidan Petrie, Founder, New England Medical Innovation Center (NEMIC),
Home ER/PCP monitoring Hamish Fraser, Brown University, BCBI
Cardiovascular Monitoring

Ross Hillard, Brown University

Gender-affirming hormone care Molly Moravek, University of Michigan
Cardiovascular Monitoring Sasha Bakhru, CEO of Perosphere Technologies Inc.
Fertility Amy Divaraniya, CEO and founder of OOVA, Inc.

Organizing Committee

Brown University: Kimani C. Toussaint (Co-Chair), Anita Shukla (Co-Chair), Angus Kingon (Co-Chair), Kayla Campbell, Christopher Dodson, Marissa Gray, Ross Hilliard, Rutendo Jakachira, Edith Mathiowitz, John Patena, Megan Ranney, Edel Minogue, and Betsy Stubblefield Loucks; Evelyn Hu, Harvard University; Kevin Kornegay, Morgan State University


Kimani C. Toussaint, Jr., Ph.D.
Email: kimani_toussaint@brown.edu
Betsy Loucks
Email: Betsy_Loucks@brown.edu


Please note that this virtual event, including attendees’ Zoom video, audio and screen name, and questions or chats, will be recorded.