Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is an innovative and expanding telementoring model which is currently in its building stages out of The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University to address the health care needs of Rhode Island. Project ECHO began in 2003 out of the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center and has been growing ever since. In the United States, Project ECHO is established in 48 states, with 332 hubs (institutions) running 2,110 different programs. Worldwide Project ECHO is run within 52 countries, having 602 hubs, totaling 3,592 programs.

Project ECHO is not telehealth, but telementoring, where medical content specialists meet with primary care clinicians to discuss best practice and treatment strategies for patients that are seen at primary care and family medicine facilities. This democratizes the knowledge, where all participants can learn from each other to ultimately better patient outcomes.


Project ECHO Courses are held through a simple to use web-based video platform, Zoom, to employ over a series of one-hour interactive course sessions. The courses are designed around case-based learning, the sharing of best practices, and continuous assessment and evaluation. ECHO courses also grant Continuing Medical Education credits to qualified participants.