About Us

Mission Statement

The Brown Undergraduate Journal of Public Health (BUJPH) is a non-partisan student-run publication at the Brown University School of Public Health in Providence, Rhode Island. Through a culture of scholarly inquiry, the Journal fosters a supportive and intellectual environment for undergraduate students to become involved in public health related research.

As a publication fully founded, led, and managed by undergraduates, the Journal seeks to instill a passion for public health and health equity in young academics. In doing so, the Journal aims to contribute to local, national, and global discourse on a wide range of public health issues spanning interdisciplinary lenses across the humanities, social sciences, and biomedical sciences.

Through this discourse, the Journal has the goal of amplifying diverse voices in healthcare and illuminating perspectives that have been historically marginalized by systems of health disparity, oppression, and inequity.

Goals & What We Do

  1. Provide undergraduates a first opportunity at publication, through a collaborative proposal, submission, and editorial process
  2. Create a network of undergraduates, graduate advisors, and faculty mentors working together to cultivate a supportive learning community
  3. Present diverse, wide-ranging breadth of material through the exploration of interdisciplinary fields and topics
  4. Raise awareness for important local, national, and global public health issues
  5. Amplify diverse voices and perspectives that have been historically excluded from narratives of health equity and access


Disclaimer: “This publication is operated independently from Brown University. The statements, views, opinions, and information contained in the publication are personal to those of the authors and student group and do not necessarily reflect those of Brown University. The publication is not reviewed, approved, or endorsed by Brown University or its faculty or staff.”