Healthcare Systems During Wartimes

By Izzy Fish  Conflict-related deaths have been increasing rapidly in the last decade.1 Since 2001, conflicts related to the U.S. military have produced the most combat casualties in the world.2 Service members are being sent home with PTSD, smoking habits that lead to cases of lung cancer and cardiac disease, and even marital discord and divorce.3 The number […]

Access to High-Quality Healthcare in the United States for Chinese-American Immigrants

By Dylan Lai As a child of two Chinese immigrants, I have had many first-hand experiences of the existence and persistence of health misinformation in the Chinese-American community. One of the most standout cases of this is my mother’s continued insistence on the danger and harms of monosodium glutamate (MSG), a common flavor enhancer, on […]

Cognitive Impairment in Public Health: Exploring the Impact of Forgetfulness Syndrome on Human Potential

By Krish Shah From providing the ability to communicate instantaneously via call or text to life-saving medical devices, smartphones, and other electronic devices have become essential aspects of life. Thus, we must analyze and create safeguards against the impacts of increased technology usage on the brain, especially regarding the long-term psychological effects that will inevitably […]

Tuberculosis: The Ugly Economic Practices Behind Screening for the Deadly Disease

A hand with a syringe and coins in the background

By Derrick Kang Illustration by Junyue Ma Killing an estimated 4,300 people each day, tuberculosis continues to ravage populations around the globe. Annually, the number of deaths reaches close to 1.6 million.1 The cruel irony is that tuberculosis (TB) is curable and has been for nearly 100 years.2 Many of the people affected by TB today don’t […]

Rhode Island’s Affordable Housing Crisis and Its Role in Determining Health

By Emily Mrakovcic To students attending Brown, Rhode Island is a charming state with cozy residential avenues and picturesque downtown shops. However, life on College Hill is far from the reality that many Rhode Islanders face. The state is currently amidst a homelessness and affordable housing crisis that has impacted an increasing percentage of low […]

Deadnaming: A Detriment to Modernized Medical Care

By Jackson DeBorde The United States is recognized as having one of the world’s most advanced and personalized healthcare systems; however, the nation severely lacks in many fundamental areas of modernized medical care. While physical outcomes of health care are certainly important to determining a person’s overall health, mental and environmental health components of medical […]

A Billionaire’s Attempt to Tackle to Prescription Drug Cost Crisis

By Yatharth Sharma With its launch earlier this year, billionaire Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Drug Company has attracted widespread attention. Some researchers have claimed that the startup could save Medicare, the government insurance program mainly targeting the elderly, billions of dollars per year.1 In its current state, the United States drug market holds many drugs […]