NASA Rhode Island Space Grant Consortium

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We are now accepting applications for the RI NASA Space Grant Fellowship and Internship awards.

Applications are due February 12th, 2024.

NASA Rhode Island Space Grant Consortium Programs

The NASA RI Space Grant Consortium (RISG) goals are: (1) to encourage undergraduate and graduate university students (especially women and minorities) to explore NASA-related science research and engineering as careers; (2) to use space-related science as a vehicle for enhancing scientific literacy among educators and their students in Rhode Island; and (3) to provide seed grants for NASA-relevant research.

NASA Space Grant

The NASA Rhode Island Space Grant Consortium offers summer and academic year internships for undergraduate students in science, engineering, or math. These competitive research internships are based on academic achievement, a personal essay, a letter of recommendation from a faculty mentor, and future academic promise.

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Program Director:

Ralph Milliken

Program Manager:

Nancy Ciminelli

Assistant Director:

Ian Dell’Antonio