The NASA RI Space Grant is accepting applications to fund curriculum development and professional development projects at K-12, undergraduate, and graduate levels throughout Rhode Island. All projects related to the development of NASA-relevant curricula, STEM-aligned professional development for RI-based educators, or other STEM educational programs are invited to apply for funding.

The maximum amount that can be requested for each proposal is $10,000 for a period of one year. Funds may be used to cover a wide range of costs associated with curriculum and professional development (e.g., course materials, costs for running workshops, field trips, etc.). Classroom activities at the K-12 level should demonstrate how they are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards or clearly articulate how the work will enhance STEM education in RI. Activities/courses at the undergraduate and graduate level should demonstrate how they are aligned with the NASA Office of STEM Engagement goals and/or one or more of the five NASA Directorates (Aeronautics, Exploration Systems Development, Science, Space Operations, and Space Technology).

Applications should include a short description of the project (no more than 2 pages) with details such as the target audience, expected number of students/educators that will be engaged by the activity, a brief description of how learning outcomes will be assessed (if applicable), and the format and timing of the activity. Proposals must also include a budget that details how all requested funds will be spent listing with expected costs and a brief description/justification for each cost.

Please direct any questions to the RI Space Grant Director, and Program Manager All awards are made on a rolling basis while funds last.